Are Scratches Ruining Your Floors?

They'll Disappear After Floor Repairs In The Ozark, Nixa Or Springfield, MO Area

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Hard floors are durable, but everything wears down eventually. If your floors are damaged or looking shabby, call Finest Construction, LLC
Our flooring contractor can…
  • Recommend the best course of action for repairs and replacements
  • Replace planks and boards that were ruined by water damage
  • Replace damaged subflooring to keep your floors even and secure

We can also replace your entire floor if the damage is extensive. We’ll evaluate the damage and recommend the most effective solution.
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When Do You Need Subfloor Repairs?

Damage is obvious when your floor is scratched or stained. But you might need floor repairs because of a problem you can’t see.
If water gets under your flooring, it can warp the boards, promote mold growth and soften the planks over time. Your floors will start to squeak and might sink in places or feel soft when stepped on.
We can fix the problem to help prevent more damage. Make an appointment for floor repair services when you notice your floors are damaged.